Xi’an Hospital of TCM founded in 1955 is one of the hospitals firstly constructed in provincial capital in China. It has developed into a Class III TCM hospital which is characterized with the prestigious physicians, unique TCM and tremendous comprehensive strength through a cycle of 60 years.

In January 2015, it was transferred from the original location ,the East Street to its new address, NO.69 of Fengcheng 8th Road. The current hospital covers an area of 100 mu with the overall floorage of 98,000 square meters and 1001 authorized beds.

There are 1,300 on-post staffs among whom the professional technicians are 1,121, which accounts for 86% of the workforce.There are 3 outstanding specialists who enjoy the special allowance of the State Council, 4 supervisors who engage in inheriting the academic experience of TCM distinguished veteran physicians of national level, 7 distinguished veteran physicians and 6 prestigious physicians of TCM in Shaanxi province, 4 specialists who made outstanding contribution to Xi’an city. Also there are 23 graduate supervisors, and more than 40 physicians who take up a position as members of the standing committee, deputy directors and members in National Academic Special Committee as well as a group of outstanding talents who have rich clinical experience and the profound knowledge both in TCM and Modern Medicine.


The department of XI’an TCM Hospital Orthopedics andtraumatology is shan’xi provincepriority speciality。Our department’sbuilding area is 4500sq.mandopen 155 beds, actual spinal ward, jointward, trauma ward, bone disease characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine treatment area, osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment center. Patients mainly from across the province and northwest five provinces. Annual average outpatient amountsabout 31000, in-patient numbermore than 4000, total income of more than 50 millionyuan, ranked first in ourhospital. A total of 105 medical workers senior title 21 people, intermediate title 29 people, 12 people of postgraduate, graduate student tutor two.

Acu-moxibustion,Tuina and Rehabilitation Department of Xi'an Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital has been established for 60 years, and has emerged many distinguished acupuncturists who have a high reputation in the domestic such as Drs. Li shaoting, Tan Chuntao, Guo Mingsan,Fang Yun-peng and Liu Pingding,etc. In 70s last century, This department ,as the leader of scientific research, organized and conducted the study of the propagated sensation along the channel of acu-moxibustion And the mechanism of acupuncture anesthesia, and therefore acquired several technical research productions, which made a certain influence in the field of acu-moxibustion.With continuous development over 60 years, our department has become a key and prioritized specialty of the Shaanxi Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. And now,we are striving to construct a key specialty in Chinese Traditional Medicine at a national level.

The five mimic-animal exercise is a traditional Chinese approach to guide people to preserve their health. It is a variety of Qigong therapy applied for the health care and body-building by means of imitating the activities of five animals like tiger, deer, bear, ape and bird(crane). It is also called Hua Tuo five mimic-animal exercise which can heal the diseases and preserve the health since it was created by Hua Tuo on the basis of the his predecessors’ achievements. The five mimic-animal exercise is a biomimetic therapy which requires the inside peacefulness and outside movement, the stillness from the motion, the simultaneous motion and stillness, the alternation between the hardness and softness as well as the physical and mental exercise of the body.

Mainly there are four methods of diagnosis in TCM: Inspection, Auscultation and Olfaction, Inquiry, Pulse-taking and Palpation, which are called as “四诊”(Chinese pinyin “si zhen”) for short. The human body is an organic whole, and thus local pathological changes would affect the whole system. Viscera pathological changes will be reflected by the dysfunction of all aspects of five sense organs, limbs and body surface. Therefore,through Inspection, Inquiry, Pulse-taking and Palpation, these four diagnostic methods, examining all symptoms, will lead to the understanding of the pathogenesis and nature of disease, and the internal relations between them, acting as the basis of the subsequent syndrome differentiation and treatment. (Figures Attached).

Xi'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is composed of famous traditional Chinese medicine experts, professors and senior staff with professional expertise. Our department provides service to foreign patients, such as health examination, health concept guidance, lifestyle management, risk factors intervention, traditional Chinese medicine health care and conditioning, outpatient appointment and treatment, expert consultation and many other services.

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