Xi’an Hospital of TCM founded in 1955 is one of the hospitals firstly constructed in provincial capital in China. It has developed into a Class III TCM hospital which is characterized with the prestigious physicians, unique TCM and tremendous comprehensive strength through a cycle of 60 years.

In January 2015, it was transferred from the original location ,the East Street to its new address, NO.69 of Fengcheng 8th Road. The current hospital covers an area of 100 mu with the overall floorage of 98,000 square meters and 1001 authorized beds.

There are 1,300 on-post staffs among whom the professional technicians are 1,121, which accounts for 86% of the workforce.There are 3 outstanding specialists who enjoy the special allowance of the State Council, 4 supervisors who engage in inheriting the academic experience of TCM distinguished veteran physicians of national level, 7 distinguished veteran physicians and 6 prestigious physicians of TCM in Shaanxi province, 4 specialists who made outstanding contribution to Xi’an city. Also there are 23 graduate supervisors, and more than 40 physicians who take up a position as members of the standing committee, deputy directors and members in National Academic Special Committee as well as a group of outstanding talents who have rich clinical experience and the profound knowledge both in TCM and Modern Medicine.

The hospital is equipped with the processing, preparation, prescription, medicine-decocting, storage devices according with GMP standard . They can produce 14 varieties of dosage forms and 125 unique preparations within hospital which are effective in clinical practice and enjoy a good reputation inside and outside Shaanxi province.

The out-patient rooms and in-patient area in the hospital are comfortable and standardized in business process. The operation rooms, functional imaging department, hemodialysis rooms,supply room,and room of TCM therapy are fully equipped.Currently there are 15 major departments in the hospital. For example, the anorectal and nursing departments rank as the major clinical departments of national level.The encephalopathy, anorectal, heptopathy, nursing (cultivated) are listed as the key departments of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The cardiology of TCM, clinical Chinese medicine, encephlopathy, and splenogastric disease are grouped into the major disciplines of Shaanxi Administration of TCM. Nephrology, oncology, orthopedics and traumatology, rehabilitation of acupuncture and massage , lung disease, endocrinology, ophthalmology and encephlopathy nursing departments belong to the major departments of Shaanxi Administration of TCM.The rehabilitation of acupuncture and massage cardiovascular of TCM and nephrology of TCM departments distinguish them as the superior departments of Xi’an Health Bureau.Currently there are 62 academic researching projects among which 9 are conferred by the Shaanxi Science and Technology Institution, 25 by Xi’an Science and Technology Bureau, 12 by Xi’an Health Bureau.

Xi’an Hospital of TCM were honored as the the national model TCM hospital, the advanced hospital in the year of TCM management, the advanced unit of nation-wide civilization-creating industry, the advanced group of nation-wide countryside-aided health construction, the advanced unit of the nation-wide further education of TCM, the advanced unit of provincial health bureau, the advanced unit of the moral construction in capital city and the province, the advanced unit of medical insurance service management of provincial level, the advanced unit of provincial health information construction,etc..Xi’an Hospital of TCM adheres to the instruction that is “sincere professional ethics and exquisite techniques, inheritance and innovation”. It targets to serve and benefit the average people with the goodness and benevolence as well as the professional ethics and exquisite techniques. The hospital will be constructed as a unique medical center which integrates with various services like the medical treatment, teaching, science and research, prevention, rehabilitation and health preservation in accordance with the principles of culturing the distinguished physicians, creating the outstanding departments and constructing a top hospital.

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