Introduction of Orthopedics and traumatology Department

The department of XI’an TCM Hospital Orthopedics andtraumatology is shan’xi provincepriority speciality。Our department’sbuilding area is 4500sq.mandopen 155 beds, actual spinal ward, jointward, trauma ward, bone disease characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine treatment area, osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment center. Patients mainly from across the province and northwest five provinces. Annual average outpatient amountsabout 31000, in-patient numbermore than 4000, total income of more than 50 millionyuan, ranked first in ourhospital. A total of 105 medical workers senior title 21 people, intermediate title 29 people, 12 people of postgraduate, graduate student tutor two.

Department has ballistic shock wave therapy apparatus, arthroscopy system (PVM - 14 li), intervertebral foramen mirror treatment system, plasma radio frequency meter each of a set of ozone ablation instrument, history for hallux valgus orthopaedic power system (JDNL - 2), osteoporosis therapy apparatus, three-dimensional traction bed, a large number of herbal fumigation medicine bed specialist essential advanced equipment.

Department is mainly to carry out the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spinal internal fixation of anterior and posterior approach, osteoporosisvertebral fracture percutaneous minimally invasive surgery, vertebral body forming minimally invasive spine surgery, spinal tuberculosis kitchen removal surgery, spinal canal space-occupying lesions removal complex surgery. In total knee and total hip replacement surgery, all kinds of traumatic fracture surgery, arthroscopy minimally invasive surgery, hallux valgus minimally invasive corrective surgery.

Bone traumatology department give full play to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, using the comprehensive treatment of cervical spondylosis, waist and leg pains, femoral head necrosis, the treatment of hip dysplasia and various osteoarthropathy, such as traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine fumigation inunction, massage, acupuncture, acupoint sticking, acupoint injection, etc. and to engage in a variety of shock wave, spinal balance traction and modern physical therapy method. Department innovation, developed by synovial cream, 808 injured ointment, loose plaster is widely used in osteoarthritis, synovitis, and various kinds of clinical treatment of soft tissue injury disease, widely recognized in patients with famous in shaanxi.

In recent ten years, under the guidance of the leader Gong Futai director, department successively won the provincial and municipal honor three, hospital various honors more than 50 items. Successively develop tennewtechnology and business, to complete six xi 'an technology bureau and province of scientific research subject. More than 110 academic papers, three SCI article, published two books. Taking shaanxi university of traditional Chinese medicine clinical teaching tasks and xi 'an basic-level hospital training work.

Xi 'an hospital of traditional Chinese medicine orthopedics is stick to highlight the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, method and traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment of spinal trauma, joints, osteoporosis set medical treatment, scientific research and teaching as one of the characteristic specialized subject. At present, the department has formed a clinical and basic pay equal attention to, and characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine and therapy, and the relation between medicine and the humanities pay equal attention to, inherit and carry forward.

Cervical Vertebral Massage Therapy

Follow the strategy of treating illness at the upper part with focusing on lower part, TCM Cervical Vertebral Massage Therapy is used in adjusting the cervical curvature and restoring its mechanical equilibrium of the muscle and bone. It is Suitable for all kinds of cervical curve abnormity caused by cervical disorders. Fully relaxing muscle is required before the performance of conventional way with chiropractic technique.

Chiropractic Therapy on waist, back

The common relaxation technique of the whole lumbar spine and back are:
1. Pinching spine and pushing back therapy
2. Pushing waist and relax back therapy
3. Pushing, patting and bending waist therapy
4. Bending and then up-righting waist therapy
5. Pulling and stretching with bending pressing manipulation
6. Waist shaking manipulation

Chiropractic therapy

1. Three carrying manipulation
2. Hyperextension, pushing and pressing manipulation
3. Lying and shaking waist manipulation
4. Waist rotating manipulation


Kerotherapy, a physical method applies heated wax in affected body part, to promote blood circulation, diminish inflammation and suppressing pain. On the basis of Kerotherapy, Chinese physician introduces traditional Chinese prepared drugs suitable for soft tissue injuries, early postoperative fracture, protrusion of lumbar intervertebral disc and arthritis disease. With the advantages of simple operation, and obvious effect, Keritherapy is easy to accept.

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