International Medicine Department

Xi'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is composed of famous traditional Chinese medicine experts, professors and senior staff with professional expertise.

Our department provides service to foreign patients, such as health examination, health concept guidance, lifestyle management, risk factors intervention, traditional Chinese medicine health care and conditioning, outpatient appointment and treatment, expert consultation and many other services

1、Reception time:

Monday to Friday morning(a.m.:8:00-12:00,p.m.:14:00-17:30)

2、Service Objects:

International friends, domestic guests with high-level medical needs

3、Specialty setting:

splenogastric disease department 、The cardiology of TCM department、lung disease department、Nephrology department、oncology department、Orthopedics、Acu-moxibustion,Tuina and Rehabilitation Department。Internal of TCM, orthopedics of TCM, Acupuncture rehabilitation department and so on

4、Reservation and registration:

(1)During normal working hours, patients can make an appointment by telephone, Internet and WeChat.

reservation telephone number:029-88882111,114(China Telecom),116114(China Unicom)。
The website for reservation and registration: WeChat number: xaszyy.

(2)Patients without appointment can directly register in the International Medicine Department (outpatient department).

(3)Patients can contact guide nurses of international Medicine department to make a new appointment out of experts’ working time.

5、Laboratory tests:

Blood samples were taken in Clinical Laboratory accompanied by guide nurses of International Medicine Department.


Ultrasound, ECG, CT, DR, MRI and other examination will be completed in corresponding departments accompanied by guide nurses of International Medicine Department if needed.
The relevant examination department will give priority to the patients who come from the International Department.


Chinese medicine traditional therapy will be given in the relevant departments.

8、In-patient Service:

The guide nurses of International Medicine Department will accompany patients to Inpatient Department (endocrinology department).
The head nurse of the relevant departments will assist the patients to handle the hospitalization procedure。


Patients in the outpatient department directly make the payment there.Patients in the inpatient department make the payment assisted by the head nurse of the relevant departments.
Location of medical service:
Room NO.8 and 9 of the third floor in the guoyi department of the Outpatient. (Details in the Sketch Map and indication board)

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